About my work

Through turning, burning and carving, I aspire to evoke some of the integral essence of what wood is. I am inspired by organic form that I see in many places - the great outdoors and the small details of nature. But often the inspiration and ideas for a piece comes directly from the natural features of the tree that I am working with. By developing the texture of the grain and contrasting polished wood next to burnt I try to expose both the beauty and substance of wood.


About me

From the age of 16 I spent 4 years living in different temples in England, Ireland, America and India. In 2000 I moved to Newcastle to attend various courses in art, design, and technology. There, I started turning wood and worked at developing my work artistically and technically. In 2004 I moved to Spain, briefly, and then Wales. I spent the next 8 years focused on sustainable living, farming, building my own straw-bale, timber frame round house and raising children. Since 2012 I have returned to making and have dedicated myself to non-functional artistic work.





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